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Gaming Creepypasta: Roadkill Crossing

2013-12-12 15:55:09 by fred7601

This is my first Gaming Creepypasta. Enjoy.


Roadkill Crossing


          I've always loved video games. I've been playing them since I was only four years old. At least that's how long I can remember playing video games. I had grew up with a Sony Playstation and had loved it ever since. I owned loads of great and popular titles at the time, such as Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon. Those two were always my favorite. Once in a while, I'd go against dad in a racing game or two, but most of the time he'd win. I guess you could say I was somewhat "addicted" to my Playstation. It was basically the only thing to do, since I had very little friends and was an only child. As time went by, Playstation games were getting a little more hard to find with all of the newer consoles coming out. I felt a little bummed out because my parents probably wouldn't be able to afford the newer systems. I continued to enjoy my Playstation titles for awhile. By the time I turned 6, I met my first friend.

          His name was Hunter, and he loved video games just as much as I did. Maybe even more. In the time we got to know each other in, we became very close friends. He invited me over to his house one day. While I was there, he asked me which game consoles I owned. When I replied that I only had a Sony Playstation, he said that he used to have owned an N64, Playstation, Playstation 2, and NES. I was pretty confused, because I had never heard of the N64 or NES before. He probably thought I was an idiot. When I asked what company made those two consoles he replied "Nintendo". I had actually heard of that company before, but had never played any of their games. He then said that he'll introduce me to it with his Nintendo GameCube.

          The Nintendo GameCube was small and pretty easy to hook up, sort of like my Playstation. He then guided me through many of the games he had such as Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, and even The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. The controller was easy to get used to, and the graphics were very superior to the Playstation's. I instantly got addicted to the console and had to buy one of my own. A few days after I went to Hunter's house, my mother and I came across a thrift store downtown. We went in to look around and as if it came out of nowhere, I saw a Nintendo GameCube sitting on a steel shelf. It was so beautiful, it would of glistened in the sun. It came with a complete set of controllers and all of the plugs needed to hook it up to the television. And best of all, it was only ten dollars. We bought the console and took it home.

          Little did I know that when I took it home, someone had thrown in a game along in the box it was kept in. The cover read Animal Crossing. I looked at the gameplay pictures featured on the back. To be honest, the game looked kind of like it was aimed towards younger audiences, but why not give it a try? I hooked up my system to the TV and it seemed to work fine. I popped in the game and began playing. While it loaded, I read more about the game on the back of it's case. I then found out that the game kept track of seasons, holidays, and events with the help of the clock on the GameCube menu. I thought this was pretty cool, since there was never a clock on the Playstation. The object of the game was to simply "live digitally" in a small town where you are the only human in it. The rest are all animals. In the beginning of the game you have to pay off your debt to Tom Nook, a raccoon who sold you your house and runs the shop that real close to it. As I progressed through the game, I had loads of fun doing things like fishing and digging for fossils. And soon after I paid off my debt, I was able to expand my house. And then pay off the debt on that. I was pretty addicted to this game as well as the other games I had played in my past, and my Playstation was soon forgotten and left down in the basement. But soon, I began to buy more and more GameCube games that I would soon get hooked on finishing too. And I did. But Animal Crossing had seemed to slipped my mind just like my other console. Soon, it was just a miscellaneous title that I never seemed to notice in my collection of games.

          By the time I was ten, I couldn't stop playing my GameCube. I would often use it to the point that the system would occasionally overheat to an extent. After school had let out, I used my GameCube faithfully everyday, as if I was practicing my own religion. I was playing all the newer titles that had just been released like F-Zero and Metroid Prime. By now I had even beaten Luigi's Mansion. My parents were a little concerned about my obsession with this console. Because of my addiction, I no longer went outside as much as I used to, let alone even communicate with Hunter now and then. While playing at night (usually about 8:00 is when nightfall begins in my area), I would often lose track of time and still would be playing when 12:30 or even 2:00 AM rolled around. Because of their concern, my parents had to resort to taking away my GameCube for a few weeks. Now when I heard this, I threw a massive fit because practically, video games were all I had now. We had just moved into a house and we still had to pay off our security deposit before we got internet or basic cable. It was taking almost a whole year, and the GameCube was all I could rely on for entertainment. At least that what I thought, since I had completely forgot about my Playstation at that point. So that night when my dad headed out to work the overnight shift at a supermarket a few blocks away, my mother hid the GameCube.  I then waited while she was in bed and fast asleep so I could leave my bed and try to find it.

          It was about 11:00 when she had fallen asleep. I carefully got out of bed and closed her door tight so she wouldn’t hear me. As soon as I did that, I grabbed a flashlight and headed down to the basement, a likely location for the GameCube to be. I found out I was right, it was sitting on a small metal shelf, just like it was when it was still at the thrift shop. I grabbed with all of its cords and took it back upstairs. I got it set up in the living room and headed back to my room real quick to grab a game. Normally, I would choose a specific game to play. But this time I just grabbed any random game off my shelf. I didn’t care what it was, just as long as I could play it to end my anxiety. I took it out to the living room, and found out it was Animal Crossing. I had forgotten this game had existed in my library, but I loaded it up in my machine anyways. I turned the GameCube on and the Animal Crossing logo can up onscreen. But it looked way different than what it used to look like. The letters were red, and the edges were maroon. Like blood. I then remembered that the game changed effects based on the seasons and time of year, so maybe my GameCube clock had just gotten off track a bit. It’s possible.

          I pressed start and an unusual thing happened. Instead of one of the villager animals coming up and asking if you wanted to load your data, Tom Nook the shopkeeper came up. His eyes weren’t droopy like they normally were. They were solid black orbs and a red substance was leaking from them. I suddenly felt uncomfortable playing this game again, but a curious urge was keeping me from shutting off the system. He asked if I wanted to visit my old town “ACVilla” again. I chose yes and continued. I soon found my character, Fred, inside his house. My house wasn’t like what it was before. I had tons of Oboids and Quadroids lined up against the walls, along with lots of furniture. Now, all I saw was steel flooring and shabby wallpaper, and a lonely bed in the corner. I walked out of my house. I realized my Gyroid wasn’t there either. I checked my mail. I got a message from a person named “anonymous”. It read “We are all bloody, beaten souls. Time passes, nowhere left to run. Our blood drips like an hourglass, our time’s almost up. We shall being seeing you soon. Anonymous.” I was disturbed by this. Suddenly, my game faded to a black screen. A few seconds later, I was in Tom’s shop, the Nook n’ Go. He came up to me, and told me this: “Ripped, torn to shreds. We shall be killed off this miserable planet. We are hopeless...” His voice didn’t sound like the normal high-pitched gibberish in Animal Crossing. It sounded deep and demonic. I looked around his shop. One of the items on the counter looked like a bloody knife. Another item was an axe with the head of Mabel, one of the Able sisters, attached to the end of it. I didn’t press the A button, but Tom Nook came over to me as if I had. “I’m sure that you seeing this makes you wonder what I’m planning to do here...” he then coughed up blood and let out what sounded like a horrible demonic laugh. “You’ll find out soon enough...” A sudden chill went down my spine. I walked out of the shop. I noticed the ground looked more different than ever before outside. The trees, lakes, rivers, sky, and grass was all black and white like an old movie. Near the museum, I saw Blathers the owl’s head lying in a puddle of blood. Compared to the black and white atmosphere, the blood and head stood out like a sore thumb. As I walked around town some more, I saw more and more of the dear beheaded townspeople covered in blood. I then heard a frightening noise: a loud and deep growl and more demonic gibberish. A message appeared on-screen. “Your time is up. Join us now.”

          Suddenly, my character started moving forward. I wasn’t even pressing anything on the controller. Fred moved over trees and rocks as if they weren’t even there at all. Then, he entered the Nook n’ Go. Tom Nook looked malicious, and even more devilish and horrific than before. He had a sharp-toothed smile, and his right eye looked sewed on- as if he were a doll of some sort. As for his other orb eye, it was dangling out by a bloody, pink thread that was trying to support it. “Come on, now. Surely you’ve figured out what I’m doing now, haven’t you?” He then took one of his claws, which looked much sharper, and slashed it across his face, spilling blood everywhere. “Time goes by fast here, and because of you not buying anything from me in the past few years, I’VE GONE TOTALLY BANKRUPT! Because of my loss, I’ve been secretly murdering the townsfolk and writing artificial wills addressing all of their cash to me so I can afford to keep this garbage heap in business!” About then, I ran for the exit. “Come on, now. Don’t you want to stay a little longer?” The horrific raccoon growled. Suddenly, the screen faded to black.

          A few moments later, a terrifying image popped up. It showed Tom Nook with his eye dangling out, and a bunch of tortured townspeople behind him. To his left was Sabel, the other Able sister, crying bloody tears out of her orb eyes along with Crazy Redd with his two eyes gouged out and a massive bloody wound through his stomach. To Nook’s right was Mayor Tortimer with his head jabbed on a stake. The words GAME OVER were slaughtered on the screen below them in maroon writing, while a mixture of screams, childish laughter, and crying played in the background. At that moment, I was practically crying with fear as I yanked the GameCube cord out of the socket in the wall. I ended up snapping the Animal Crossing disc in half the next morning.


Epilogue: Even after this incident,  I continued to use my Nintendo GameCube and play games on it. (I didn’t continue to play the Animal Crossing series.) I never did tell anyone about this. Not even my own parents or even Hunter.  But even to this day, I still wonder. Who is “anonymous”? What’s he after? “What did he mean by “We shall see you soon”?   


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